Williams & Sons Engraving
7547 S. 1520 W.
West Jordan, Utah 84084

Established 1966

Phone: 801-255-6176
Email: Info@engraver1.com

**INDUSTRIAL** rotary tool engraving and laser etching our specialty


We are predominately an industrial engraving operation. 
The majority of our customers are manufacturing and 
engineering firms, electrical and building contractors,
machine shops and metal shops. We have never been
a "trophy shop", although in the past we have strived to
meet the needs of everyone. However, this is a 3 person shop
with only myself and Don handling all engraving duties, and our 
industrial business has been steadily increasing the past few years, 
to the point where I'm working nearly 100 hours per week to
keep up with the work load. Also, Vick and I are 62 years old and we're 
currently working on a plan to ease into semi-retirement within a few years.
So I'm sad to say that at time, we can no longer take on non-industrial
engraving jobs such as trophies, awards and plaques, and most
other types of 'personalization' engraving.
For this type of work I would recommend Googling
"Trophies, Awards Salt Lake" and contacting one of the several
shops who specialize in this type of engraving.

ALSO, we do not engrave any type of stone, or supply vinyl signage.  

that said:
Engraving services we DO provide:

Industrial Engraving of parts, operator panels, custom UV resistant
plates and labels, fabrication of flat acrylic and aluminum operator panels,
stainless ID machine labels

Brass name badges for Police Departments, Fire Departments, etc.,
acrylic name badges with stick pin attach or magnetic clasps,
* some wall signage for business
* we do not have the equipment to make ADA compliant signage,
and we don't supply hardware to hold signs.

Hole machining and engraving of Hoffman, Baco, Rose Bopla and other similar 
waterproof fiberglass and aluminum electric enclosures

Firearms engraving- barrel caliber, lowers, suppressors, engraved
 to meet personal or ATF engraving regs

PRICES START AT $15 for barrel caliber engraving, $20 for AR Lowers, $25 for most other,
and UP. Wait time is 3-5 days typical. 
SORRY, I can't do ornate designs or graphics, for that you
need to locate someone who does

We now have a FIBER LASER, capable of directly engraving metals

Stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, wood, leather, brass, copper,  glass-
Laser and tool cylinder engraving capable...

Acrylic and aluminum operator panels to 1/8" thick made and/or engraved to order